Storable Announces Fully-Integrated Contactless Move-In Capabilities

If social distancing is defining 2020 for the world at large, then contactless operations will do the same for the storage industry. Operators have had to quickly adjust how they do business in the past two months, relying more and more on automation to offer a contactless experience for their customers. Not only to continue to successfully run their business but, more importantly, to keep their staff, customers and community safe during the COVID-19 outbreak. 

Even before the onset of this global pandemic, operators were seeing a shift in consumer expectations toward a more digital operation. Meaning, people were starting to prefer renting units from facilities that enabled them to complete the transaction online. Many operators have had that capability but some still preferred the more personal touch of sealing the deal in person. But, the realities of this current pandemic have made it clear, contactless is the answer to keep people safe right now while laying a strong foundation for success in the future. 

Which is why, in recent weeks, we’ve shifted our team’s focus toward improving our software’s automation capabilities to provide a more seamless and fully-integrated, contactless move-in process. 

These new innovations stretch across the Storable Platform, and fall into three categories:

Text & Email Online Move-Ins

Both SiteLink and storEDGE Facility Management Software (FMS) products have introduced capabilities that allow operators to email or text a link to prospective tenants to complete the entire move-in process from any device, anywhere.

SpareFoot Contactless Badging

SpareFoot has introduced a new badge that empowers operators to indicate which of their facilities are equipped to deliver a contactless move-in experience allowing storage shoppers to select the facility that meets their safety needs.

SpareFoot Online Move-Ins

SpareFoot has also introduced an exclusive capability for SiteLink and storEDGE FMS customers that injects their existing online move-in experience directly into the SpareFoot reservation flow so storage shoppers can — for the first time ever — complete the move-in process through SpareFoot.

Together these capabilities empower operators with the tools to acquire as many new tenants as possible — despite the challenges brought on by this time of social distancing — while keeping consumers and their management staff safe.

“We believe it’s our responsibility to do everything we can to help our customers through the difficulties brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic,” said Chuck Gordon, the CEO of Storable. “In the early days of the crisis, we recognized that we had an opportunity to leverage our technology to improve safety for both consumers and operators, so we quickly made the decision to divert a substantial portion of our resources toward that effort. I couldn’t be more pleased with the finished product, and I believe our new capabilities will keep our customers and their tenants safe while minimizing disruption to operations.”

“These new capabilities will play an important role in our industry’s response to the Coronavirus crisis, but I think they also set the stage for the future of the storage industry,” said Scott Griffin, VP of Product at Storable. “As an industry, we have been measured in our approach to leveraging automation, however, this crisis may act as a catalyst to drive the adoption of automation both in the short term and even after this crisis has passed. It’s our goal to stay at the forefront of innovation in that arena.”

Text & Email Online Move-Ins, SpareFoot Contactless Badging, and SpareFoot Online Move-Ins are available today at no additional cost to Storable customers.

This is only the beginning of our contactless initiative. In the coming weeks, Storable will also be releasing its enhanced website online move-in module known as Rental Center 2.0, which will be available soon. Moving forward, our resolve remains the same; giving operators the power to do more with the industry’s most powerful technology. 

If you need help navigating your business through this crisis and want to learn more about any of these capabilities, please reach out to your account team. Or, for any other inquiries, you can reach out to

We hope you’re remaining safe, healthy and happy. 

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